Brit Stichel – exchange student in Namibia

Flenburg, 18/03/2019: To gather material for her master thesis, Brit Stichel, who is studying Intermedia and Marketing at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences, decided to go to Namibia for one semester. She shared some of her experience with us.

Brit has quickly found new friends who helped her a lot with the first challenges – adapting to a new culture, different languages and safety instructions. Soon she got used to her new life.

„I can only recommend doing a semester abroad, – Brit says. – I have learnt a lot about myself and about the country. You get the unique experience that will stay with you for the whole life. Decide, and do!“ Brit admits, that it was stressful sometimes, but it definitely worth it.

The strongest impression for her is probably the Namibian nature. “I don’t remember where I have seen so many natural surroundings which have not been destroyed by human yet”, – Brit says.

For her Master Thesis, Brit collaborated a lot with one group of the San people. This collaboration was intense and challenging, but it make her seeing and understanding new points of view and new perspectives.  “The variety and diversity of Namibia are exactly what distinguishes this country for me”.