CPUT visits CBTA

Flensburg, 28/06/2018: This week CBTA has received the visit from our partner university – CapePeninsula University of Technology (CPUT). The delegation consisted of Prof. Nudna, a Research Professor at the Faculty of Education, Carver Pop, the manager for Cooperative Education, and Kavish Jawahar from the Rhodes University.

Together with the Europa-Univerität Flensburg and Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design, CBTA applies for the tender of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the dual training programme in South Africa. That’s why Prof. Dr. Axel Grimm and Mike Jepsen from EUF, as well as Regina Krause and Herbert Dombröse from Wismar University also took part in the meeting.

On Friday, our guests visited the Regional Vocational Education and Training Centre, where they got a line on the dual training programs in the Schleswig-Holstein Region.