Exchange student Kleophas Simaneka Nampadhi: We should get out of our comfort zones in order to get new experience and make global friends

Flensburg, 23/10/2018: Interview with Kleophas Simaneka Nampadhi (Namibian exchange student)

What do you study in Namibia?

I’m studying towards a Bachelor Degree in Transport Management at Namibia University of Science and Technology.

What is your occupation in Flensburg?

I’m an International exchange student for winter semester at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences.

Why have you decided to go for a study in Flensburg?

Since I was a child I always dreamed to further my studies in a foreign country, of which Germany had been among my thoughts. Flensburg have a historical background of being one of the friendly city in Germany, a perfect destination for international students. Good references from former international students that were here before made Flensburg my ideal study destination.

What are your expectations of the semester?

I am looking forward toward my studies here. I believe in commitments, dedications and hard work thus, I expect to work hard during the semester and acquire good credits that I can take back home.

What did you feel like at the beginning? Was it very difficult for you to settle in?

I felt so lucky to get this opportunity to explore the world. It’s an opportunity that comes once in a life time, I felt like it’s a dream come true because since I was a child, I always dreamed of studying away from home. The fact that people don’t always get opportunities they dreamed of to travel abroad more especially without any cost incurred toped my imagination that I’m a luckiest person to get this opportunity.

Of course it was a little bit hard to settle in a new country. I found it a bit rigid to adapt to the German culture as there is huge differences to how things are being done in Namibia. Despite the difficulties, I applied the logic of adaptation of which I was eager. I made new friends that made it easy to settle and after that, everything became fanciful as before.

How did the African Centre help you?

The African Centre helped me a lot. They made my stay in Germany easy, before I come to Germany, they had been core facilitator to make sure that all paper works and all requirements are met. Upon my arrival, they prepared a pleasing apartment. They prepared trips for us to familiarize ourselves with the city. Importantly, they organized academic gathering, (The AUTUMN school) whereby I obtained practical skills that will forever enhance my career development in the Logistics and Transport Industry.

What are your main differences to your studies in Namibia?

My studies in Namibia focuses more on theory. However, at the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences my studies are really practical related. I conduct lab practicals and use computer systems to solve real life problems and being taught by professionals from particular Industries.

What kind of impressions will you take home?

The world is a global village, hence sometimes information we needs is not always available close by, we should spend time away from our comfort zones since it is the way forward to gaining new experience, learn new things and make global friends. Institutions of high education must focus on real time data than outdated books.

One thing I realized, cycling is very important in our society, the use of intermodal transportation for example coming from a congested society, passenger buses, cycling and trains can be life changing to my country and the environment.

Waste separation system used in Germany makes recycling easy. For example, throwing cardboard boxes and papers together in one bin, plastics together, and residual waste together could be a nice move to tackle waste issues in my country and would make our towns better places to live.