Lukas Wohlenberg: First – learn, then – make a difference

Flensburg, 23/04/2018: At Flensburg University of Applied Sciences we have a well-established network with the African countries. That is beneficial for our students, such as Lukas Wohlenberg who studied Energy, Environment and Africa at the University.

Lukas: “Electricity is a requirement for an economic development”. Being concerned of huge differences in electricity supply in different countries, Lukas wants to contribute in solving the challenge of insufficient power supply in some regions, such as Africa. To understand underlying connections, he complemented his major study area – Energy and Environment with the course Business Management in Africa.

“Before making a difference we need to learn first” states Lukas. He can apply his knowledge and experience everywhere in the world, but Africa fascinates Lukas as a lot is happening here in the energy sector.

During his studies, Lukas has already gathered a lot of intercultural experience. He supported the Centre for Business and Technology at the German-African Energy Forum 2014. And he made a lot of friends during the exchange semester at the University of Cape Town and at the Summer School in Johannesburg.