Namibian exchange student Patricia Hangula: There is unlimited opportunities out there, EXPLORE.

Flensburg, 26/03/2018: Interview with Patricia Ndahafa Hangula (Namibian exchange student in Flensburg)

Patricia, what do you study in Namibia?

I obtained my bachelor in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Polytechnic of Namibia now known as Namibia University of Science and Technology. I also obtained an honours degree from University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. And currently studying towards a Master in Logistics Management.

And what was your occupation in Flensburg?

I was a Logistics intern at the Scandinavian and an Exchange student at the FH

How long have you stayed there?

8 Months

What did you feel like at the beginning? Was it very difficult for you to settle in?

I am lucky to have had this experience. Not everyone gets to go abroad and travel to the places they’ve always dreamed about. Not everyone has a chance to explore the world. I felt so lucky to have had this internship, to have studied abroad, and a scholarship to help with my costs.

I can still remember how I felt that year, I felt nervous, part of my brain was struggling to accept that I will be in Flensburg for so long plus be a thousand of miles away from my home.

It was not so difficult to settle in as i was eager. Despite the roller coaster ride of emotions flooding my mind every few seconds, in the end, I felt eager. I was ready to start my trip, even if I forgot some words in German (struggled with der, die order das) and got lost a couple of times. I was surely ready for the chance to learn something new, to put myself out there, to explore what a new city had to offer to me. I was ready to make more memories that will last a lifetime, to find new friends in another corner of the world.

How did the Africa Centre help you?

The African Centre made moving to Flensburg easy, they made sure we made it to our accommodation, which they organised. They took us through the city, to familiarize ourselves before we settled. It made it a lot easier because we now had some sort of idea. The centre was always there to assist. They organised internships that changed our lives for good.

What are the main differences to your studies in Namibia?

My studies in Namibia had too much theory, we were taught from text books which were not always up to date, things change every second, every minute and every day.

At the FH it was up to date information taught by professionals from the specific industries. Which was very interesting and very informative.

What kind of impressions will you take home?

Learn to get out of your comfort zone and make the world your playground. There is unlimited opportunities out there, EXPLORE.