PEESA II: Energy

The PEESA-Project aims to increase the number of high qualified experts in the renewable energy sector and the quality of the education in universities in southern Africa. Like this the autarchy of the African countries in the south of the Sahara will be encouraged.
The planned concept will be extended by the input of several partners and partner countries.
Especially aspects concerning the blended learning and digitalism of academic teaching are gathering more attention then before. To handle the huge amounts of students the traditional ways of sharing the relevant content will be extended. Knowledge about the digitalism of academic teaching will increase and help other projects in Africa and Germany. The Flensburg university and the Wismar university both are interested. Furthermore is the exchange of didactics by the universities a key aspect. With the – about to develop – courses in English, based on the experiences of the network of universities for applied science in Germany, an intercultural and multidisciplinary exchange between Germany and Africa is established. The lecturers are supposed to realize their strength and weaknesses in teaching and improve their overall skills in the course of time.

Prof. Dr. Kay Pfaffenberger, Project Director PEESA
+49 461 805 1748