The president of the Bundesrat visits Namibian partner

Windhoek, 19/07/2019: Mr Daniel Günther, the President of the Bundesrat and the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, has had an intensive and busy week on his delegation to Africa. “It was a great honour for the HS Flensburg, to be around during his visit”, emphasizes Mrs Cathy Kietzer, Head of FUAS University Council.

“Together with the economic delegation, we have visited the Namibian-German Centre for Logistics, the African Excellence Centre of Expertise – the result of cooperation between HS Flensburg and NUST.  Members of the delegation were very impressed by the electrical engine taxis for the Namibian market”, – says African expert Thomas Schmidt. Long-time cooperation between HS Flensburg and NUST opens the Namibian market for German economic partners.

Mr Günther emphasized the importance of student exchange between German and African students. Terrible droughts of Namibia showed him the intensity of the climate change in this region. “Germany must become a pioneer in mitigation of the climate change. In Namibia, we have discussed the specific measures of renewable energy”. As examples Mr Günther mentioned water and wind power, as well as solar energy. Futher work on finding the solutions to climate change effects are done by HS Flensburg and NUST in Windhoek.

The intensive and solid cooperation between HS Flensburg and NUST was highly praised by the President of the Bundesrat.