Projects with Industry

Business in Africa

Since 2003, Flensburg University of Applied Sciences is actively cooperating with partners in academia and industry in Subsaharan Africa. It has gained vast experience regarding logistics, information technology and economic development in Africa. In 2013, the Centre for Business and Technology in Africa has been founded with the vision to be a part of the fascinating development of businesses and technology in Africa as a competent and relevant partner in innovative projects, applied research and training.

To support companies and institutions that seek to invest in Africa, we designed a series of courses to provide investors with a data and knowledge basis for fast and qualitative correct assessment of the opportunities in the respective regions and selected countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. ‘Business in Africa‘ is an elective module for students during the winter semester at the Fachhochschule Flensburg. The course is based on a close cooperation with various companies that support the students in developing their own project.

Learning Objectives

  • understanding the characteristics of Business activities in African countries
  • learning how to act in an intercultural envrionment
  • developing concrete business ideas and plans with business and invesment companies


PART 1: Case studies and success stories from a dynamic continent

PART 2: Leadership and organizational culture African

PART 3: Project work in small groups on ‘Investing in Africa’. Supported by partner organisations from industry and politics from the following areas:

  • market / country / industry studies (e.g. business opportunities in Mozambique, energy industry in Africa etc)
  • Legal and political aspects (e.g. importance of trade policy, EU policy, etc. for development in Africa).
  • Accompanied by concrete investment plans by German companies