Our Team

pfaffenberger_kay.jpgProf. Dr. Kay Pfaffenberger  is the managing director of the centre and contributes with his expertise in the fields of investment, banking and (renewable) energy on the African continent. He acts as the academic representative at pertinent occasions.



schmidt_thomas.jpgProf. Dr. Thomas Schmidt is the founding director of the centre and is responsible for all partnership projects in IT and Logistics with Africa.




kuehn_martin.jpgMartin Kuehn is our expert for Central and East Africa. He is responsible for the coordination of the project activities in the framework of the Kenyan-German Centre for Data Analytics.




Kerstin Schultheiß is our E-Learning professional. She is designing innovative course formats, providing intercultural pedagogical expertise and developing strategies for the establishment of the African-German Virtual Academy.





Ronakeh Warasthe is our team’s research and teaching associate for “Logistics in Emerging Economies”. She is our expert for Southern Africa and is the project coordinator of the Namibian-German Centre for Logistics that we run jointly with the Namibia University of Science and Technology in Windhoek.