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Spring School 2018 in Nairobi

Spring School 2018 in Nairobi

Nairobi, 02/02/2018: The activities for our Spring School 2018 have been put together in an agreed program, and we are glad to announce that Spring School will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, 17th-24th February.

This time African and German students are going to discuss business trends resulting from developing information technology. Among planned activities are several existing workshops and a lot of discussions on the subject. Moreover, students have an opportunity to get acquainted with real examples from the largest African companies, such as Brookside Dairy, Kenya Electricity Generating Company, Safaricom and more.

CBTA at PEESA II and III conferences in Cape Town

CBTA at PEESA II and III conferences in Cape Town

Cape Town, 25/01/2018: The partners of the PEESA II (Programme on Energy Efficiency in Southern Africa) project assembled in beautiful Cape Town to present the project’s outcomes at the closing conference, hosted by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. CBTA’s very own Prof Dr. Kay Pfaffenberger, who was accompanied by a delegation from Flensburg University of Applied Science, presented an overview of the project, which was funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

The event was followed by the PEESA III Kick-off Meeting, where the partners discussed the goals and work packages. PEESA III is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU and focusses on the design of engineering degree programmes at the Southern African Partner Universities

Namibian-German Center for Logistics: Article in DAAD magazine LETTER

Namibian-German Center for Logistics: Article in DAAD magazine

Flensburg, 17/01/2018: Recent issue of the DAAD’s alumni magazine LETTER (p.30/31) contains a practicable article on prospects of study at Namibian-Germal Center for Logistics, for students and for the African region as a whole. Two students have shared their experience of studying at NGCL.

Tangeni Mwashekele, a Master Student at the Namibian-German Center for Logistics, has shared his view on the topic: „Logistics is a backbone of any economy and studying it presents better opportunities for the country, region and the world at large. Studying at NGCL has changed my social, academic and working life“. Kashi Ndaikwila, who recently received her Bachelor certificate, already has a position at the Namibian Port Authority and she is passionate about her job.

Namibian students in Flensburg: article in Flensborg Newspaper

Namibian students in Flensburg: Article in Flensborg Newspaper

Flensburg, 12/01/2018: German-danish newspaper Flensborg Avis has pubished an exciting article (in Danish) on the experience of the Namibian students in Flensburg. Director of the Africa Center, Professor Schmidt, who also advises the federal government of African regions, also got on in the act and shared his thoughts.

Five young specialists have studied IT&Logistic at the University of Applied Science for one semester. Now they are going back to Africa to apply scientific and technical knowledge, as well as international experience they received in Flensburg.


Students present their results of Industry projects on „Business in Africa“

Students present their results of Industry projects on „Business in Africa“

Flensburg, 08/01/2018: Today the outcomes of the projects on Business in Africa where presented to Professor Thomas Schmidt, Professor Kai Pfaffenberger and Dr. Stefan Liebing.

The projects covered various topics that are currently of high interest:

  • Market potential analysis for the use of IT applications
  • Business potential for renewable energy solutions in West Africa arising from carbon reduction programs of global companies
  • Water Market Entry in Zambia
  • Safety at Work in Africa – Research and Evaluation on the Demand in Selected Countries

Internationalisation of education, science and research: meeting of the Federal Government

Internationalisation of education, science and research: meeting of the Federal Government

Berlin, 06/12/2017: Professor Thomas Schmidt took part in a round table organized by Federal Government of Germany. Mr. Schmidt engaged in range of the discussions regarding perspectives on internationallisation of education and research in Africa. Besides the exchange of the up-to-date information, discussions on the further deveopment have been enhaced by practical workshops.

DAAD DIES Programme: Delegation from Namibia

DAAD DIES Programme: Delegation from Namibia

Flensburg, 23/11/2017: This week, as a part of DAAD DIES Programme, a delegation from Namibia University of Science and Technology visited Flensburg University of Applied Sciences. Our guests from Namibia took a look on research processes in Germany. We showed a number of third-party projects, went to see research labs and visited the Jackstädt-Center in Flensburg. We also had a range of interesting meetings at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Kiel Christian Albrechts University Kiel and Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics in Hamburg.

PEESA II project board in Vanderbijlpark

PEESA II project board in Vanderbijlpark

Vanderbijlpark, 14/11/2017: The Last meeting of the PEESA II project board took place at Vaal University of Technology in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa on 13-14th November.

Among discussed topics was the upcoming Conference PEESA II “Capacity Building for sustainable development” which takes place in Cape Town on 22-23th January 2018. We have also touched on the topic of exchange within Africa and better networking for prevention of double work. To be noted, even before the end of the project participants have reached more results as it was expected.

The project leader Prof.Dr.Pfaffenberger continues his business trip to Pretoria to participate on Kick-off-Meeting of PEESA III Projects (15-19th November)

Blog of African-German Virtual Academy is online!

African-German Virtual Academy is online!

Flensburg, 01/11/2017: We are pleased to introduce our new African-German Virtual Academy.

Core theme of the AGVA is the intercontinental communication between Germany and our African Partners. We focus especially on case studies and intercultural projects for students from both continents.

African-German Virtual Academy offers courses in Information Systems for African students via e-learning and fosters intercultural exchange between African and Germany students, thus preparing its students for successful careers in Germany and around the world. At the moment we focus on Business Intelligence and Information Management.

Read more about AGVA Project and be sure to follow the blog.